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Genetic Archives

May 6, 2014
Genetic Archives
  • Minibosses [Available immediately]
    • Genetic Monstrosity
    • Hideously Malformed Mutant
    • Gravitron Operator
    Bosses [Available immediately]
    • Experiment X-89
    • Kuralak the Defiler
    Miniboss [once both bosses are dead]
    • Fetid Miscreation
    Minibosses [once the 2nd floor is reached]
    • Phagetech Guardians (two of them)
    Bosses [each Phagetech Guardian opens a hallway to one of these]
    • Phage Maw
    • Phagetech Prototypes
    Boss [both previous bosses must be defeated]
    • Phageborn Convergence
    Minibosses [unlocked once the Convergence has been defeated]
    • Malfunctioning Gear
    • Malfunctioning Dynamo
    • Malfunctioning Piston
    • Malfunctioning Battery
    Boss [unlocked once all four minibosses are defeated - at least on live. Disabled on beta for now]
    • Dreadphage Ohmna

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