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Ruins of Kel Vorath

Jun 17, 2014
Ruins of Kel Vorath
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    The Ruins of Kel Voreth is a level 20 dungeon found in the southeast corner of Auroria, a Dominion-controlled zone. You can enter at 17, but cannot use the dungeon finder until reaching level 20 and first discovering the entrance. Exile characters will have a difficult time discovering the dungeon prior to the mid 30s, as there is no clear path to Auroria until they reach Wilderrun. A;though you can at this point que for the dungeon even though you have not discovered it. The ruins are populated by gigantic, barbaric, and warlike humanoids called the Osun, who are believed to have been created by Eldan for reasons since lost to history. The particular Osun of the ruins are from the Voreth tribe.

    Zone 1 - The Arena
    The Arena is a large open area with multiple mobs present in it which the players must drop into, preventing retreat to the dungeon entrance.

    Bone Cages
    The center of the arena is clear, and it is circled with bone cage traps that will root any player and most NPCs that walk over them. Breakout gameplay can help players escape the cages sooner than otherwise. Tripped cages respawn over time.

    The Blood Pit Gladiators
    These are massive Vish Kal linked to 4 Blood Pit Slaves. The slaves do little to no damage but should still be tanked. Slaves are affected by the bone cage traps around the arena. It is advisable to kite the slaves back to the tank or into the cages should you receive aggro. The Blood Pit Gladiators have two key abilities:
    • Mighty Swing: a frontal cone telegraph. It has a long cast time and can easily be avoided or interrupted.
    • Gladiator Rampage: The gladiator will leap on a targeted area, and then leap 2 more times. This skill cannot be interrupted. The attack is marked by a circular telegraph.
    Blood Pit Necromancer
    In the middle of the room you will see a Blood Pit Necromancer. She has two skills:
    • Raise the dead: she will summon 3 Blood Pit Skeletons to aid her. These should be tanked. They disappear after the necromancer dies.
    • Wail of the Darkwitch: The necromancer pulls all party members towards her and begins casting radial telegraphs. These expand outward from the necromancer 3 times. This skill can and should be interrupted. It is possible (but not easy) to escape the radius of the telegraph.
    Once you have killed 3 packs of mobs in the arena, the other mobs disappear. A giant boar enters the arena. This is the first boss, Grond the Corpsemaker
    Grond the Corpsemaker
    This boss is somewhat simple, though he does hit hard. On the whole he can easily be tanked and DPS has few telegraphs to worry about. This boss does front and a back cleave attacks. Melee dps should stand on the side to dps him and the tank should face the boss' side toward the DPS. Ranged healers may also take advantage of this vantage point. Medic healers (who are have close range heals) can either stand behind the tank and out of range of the cleave, or stand on the sides as it allows you to quickly heal your dps without having to move a lot.
    It is recommended to fight the boss in the middle of the room. Though it is possible to fight the boss on the outskirts of the arena, players run the risk of getting caught in cages.
    Fight Mechanics
    During the fight Grond will randomly push the tank back. This may be a bug, but even without aggro Grond has been known to randomly attack other players as well with this ability. Staying near the middle of the room will reduce the risk of being pushed into a trap.

    • Thrash: Grond will begin to cast thrash. When casting is finished, he will execute the move. Interrupting Grond during thrash will not stop the execution if his interrupt armor refreshes before the cast time finishes. Thrash consists of a linear telegraph that moves counter-clockwise around the room, centered on Grond. Players caught in the telegraph take damage, are knocked back, and are Disarmed . The telegraph only hits portions of the room. It is not impossible to avoid, but activates much quicker than one would expect. Dodging one telegraph will likely render you unharmed by the others.
    This skill can be interrupted. The timing for the interrupt is not obvious. First Grond casts the skill then he executes it. DO NOT interrupt it when you see the cast, odds are his interrupt armor will reset before he starts actually doing the skill. Try to interrupt Grond either on activation of Thrash or at the of the cast.

    Interrupting him will give your party an MoO (Moment of Opportunity) turning the life bar of the boss purple and increasing the damage he takes by 20% for the duration of the MoO.
    • Scratch Itch: A message displaying: “Grond has a nasty itch” will appear. After casting, 3 "ticks" are summoned and aggro a random player. The person focused will have to kite the ticks into the traps, which will kill the monsters. They can also be burnt down or taunted by the tank.
    • Mutilate: This attack is precursed by the warning: “Grond goes into a murderous frenzy”. Grond will project a frontal telegraph at a random player. He will jump on a target in the telegraph, knock the target down, and begin to mutilate them. Mutilate does high damage and should be avoided at all costs. It will likely kill the target outright. Grond usually begins casting this skill once his HP dips below 40%.
    Zone 2 - Eldan Ruins

    After the first boss you move to a new open area. You might have noticed the lasers moving randomly. The challenge “Dodging the Defense” requires your group to avoid getting hit by them. Once the 2nd boss is defeated the challenge will be completed.
    A random red circle, not tied to the laser pylons, may target a player in the group. This target circle will follow that player, slowly, through the zone. It will not enter the Grokk's pit.
    Voreth Gladiator
    This guy has 4 Kel Voreth Slaves that will assist him and must be tanked. The slaves will randomly cast an AoE called Break the chains, you can avoid or interrupt it. Getting hit by it will snare you.
    Enslaved Augmenter
    • Dual Saw: Linear telegraph that does damage.
    • Rejuvenate: At some point the Augmentor will cast Rejuvenate on his Mechano Slaver, which regenerates HP. It can, and should, be interrupted.
    Voreth Mechano Slaver
    • Mighty Swing: same as the Blood Pit gladiator
    • Hammer Down: basically he will bash his hammer down in front of him. A round telegraph will be displayed in front of him telling you were Mjölnir will land.
    Enslaved Protector
    • Exterminate: he will cast a laser beam to the designated area. This can be interrupted or avoided. The beam does significant damage. The protector is usually linked to two Enslaved Probes. These explode once the protector is killed.
    Enslaved Probes
    • Self Destruct: the Probes will initiate Self Destruct as soon as the Protector dies. It is a little aoe telegraph just avoid it.
    This is an optional boss that might not spawn on every run. She comes just before the 2nd boss but can be avoided. She is a mobility check. Gurka has multiple known bugs.
    • Deadly Defilement: Casting this skill causes circular telegraphs to appear beneath each party member. The telegraphs appear every 2 seconds. They do not move after appearing. This cannot be interrupted
    KNOWN BUG: Deadly defilement can be partly interrupted by multiple interrupts, but this bugs Gurka. She no longer does damage and will not grant loot when killed.

    At some point she will cast a large AoE that likely will cover her entire platform, called Blinding Light. This can and should be interrupted. The attack blinds all party members. You will have to spread out a little during Deadly Defilement to avoid the telegraphs left by the other members of your group. It can also be left to the groups discretion on interrupt times. For well experienced groups they can avoid interrupting all her abilities and just interrupt her when she is doing basic attacks. This allows for the "R" abilities to be used to the fullest time with out being interrupted by having to move or bugging her. Let it also be known that Blinding Light is usually quickly followed up by deadly defilement

    • It is possible to interrupt Gurka during deadly defilement, which causes her to "freeze." She does zero damage for the rest of the fight and does not change animation. If this occurs Gurka will not drop loot and will not be marked as killed.
    • The quest arrow pointing to Gurka points to a part of Kel Voreth that is inaccessible. She can be found in a different location slightly later on in the dungeon.
    Slavemaster Drokk
    This boss has multiple phases and is the first to feature the phase mechanic in this instance.
    Phase 1
    - 100 - 80% HP
    During this phase he will only cast Deplete Silo and melee attack the tank.
    • Deplete Silo: A circular telegraph will appear centered on a party member. A missile will fall on that player shortly after. This can be dodged.
    Phase 2
    - 80% HP
    • Bombshell Constructs: After disappearing, Drokk will summon bombs from the green door in the back of the pit. These bombs spread out and cover the entire room. After reaching their destination, the bombs begin to explode. This takes the form of a large circular telegraph with an inner circle that expands from the bomb. Once the inner circle fills the telegraph, the bomb explodes.
    The explosions will likely wipe your group. A single bomb must be burst down before it explodes. Once destroyed, the bombs telegraph area becomes safe, and you will take no explosive damage from inside it. It is Advised that you pick one and dps it down, More so a safe and easy on to take is the one closes to the green door and then just hug the green door once the bomb is down.

    Phase 3
    - 80 - 40%
    Drokk rematerializes. He will continue to cast depleted silo and melee attack. 10 seconds into this phase he will cast enslave.
    • Enslave: Drokk will teleport each party member to the edge of the room. Each party member becomes tethered to a pylon. Tethers can be removed via a CC breaker or the pylons holding the tethers can be DPSed down. Tanks and healers will likely require assistance breaking their tethers via damage.
    • Expanding Radial Telegraph (ERT): During this time Drokk slams his fist into the ground, sending out an expanding radial telegraph (ERT). The ERT can be dodged even while tethered. Drokk continues to cast this spell while on the battlefield for the remainder of the fight.
    Phase 4
    - 40%
    • Tracking Robots: Augmentor robots will emerge from the green door in the back of the pit. A random party member will be affected by a tracking beacon. While affected by the beacon, the player will take damage. A new robot and beacon will appear every 15 seconds thereafter, attached to another player. The robots currently do not move. If a robot comes in contact with its target, it explodes dealing massive damage.
    POSSIBLE BUG: It is believed that the robots are meant to track an enemy and follow them around the room. Currently they do not do so. This makes the fight easier, but will hopefully be rectified before launch.
    Phase 5
    - 40 - 0%
    Drokk will reappear again. This is a dps phase. Burn Drokk down as quickly as you can. Drokk continues to castDepleted Silo, ERT, and will now summon 3 bombshell constructs. These constructs approach Drokk's location and then begin to explode. The bombs do massive damage and will likely kill whatever they hit. A tank should kite Drokk out of the range of the bombs. Continue to DPS Drokk until he succumbs.

    Zone 3 - The Exanite Forge
    Voreth Beastmaster

    A Massive Vish Khal with 2 warhounds at his side.
    • Pulverize: The Beastmaster uses his Mjölnir hammer. This attack can and should be interrupted. If you do not interrupt the attack, a circular telegraph radiates from the beastmaster, dealing damage and knocking back any targets it connects with.
    • Warhounds: The Beastmaster will randomly toss food out. The War hounds will leap toward the food, ignoring aggro and gaining increased HP regen. It is recommended to ignore the hounds and focus the beastmaster during this period.
    • Delicious Meat Snacks: You can either disregard this mechanic as the regen is not that important or stun them while they cast and burn them down. Letting them eat the food will give them a buff increasing their damage.The Warhounds will jump to food and will be difficult (if not impossible) for a tank to aggro. Your best bet is to ignore the hounds, dodge the meat, and focus the beast master. If a hound aggros a dps or healer, move to the tank so that it may re-aggro.
    Voreth Blinded Slaver
    The slaver is accompanied by 4 Kel Voreth Slaves. These slaves also cast break the chains.
    • Motivation: it’s a round telegraph around her, any Slave that is in it while she finishes her cast will get buffed.
    • Magma Plume: this is a tri-linear telegraph that she cast in front of her. Can easily be avoided or interrupted.
    Voreth Darkwitch
    The Voreth Darkwitch is a powerful mob that can inflict massive damage. It is recommended to bring multiple cleanse spells to fight her, as she curses random members of the party with a devastating debuff that does incredible damage. Although with a strong group cleanse is not an absolute necessity
    • Impending Doom: The Darkwitch targets a player at random. A laser will target the player, doing damage. Circular telegraphs will follow that player, leaving a trail of corruption that does damage. This can be interrupted.
    • Rupture: A frontal, conal telegraph that knocks back targets and deals damage. This spell can be interrupted. Possible bug: Standing directly under the Darkwitch will render a player unaffected by the knockback (and often times the damage). This may or may not be intended.
    • Debuff: The Darkwitch will cast a debuff that lasts for 15 seconds and does increasing magic damage. For most lvl 20 parties, this debuff will wipe the party after 5 ticks. The debuff does not always target all players. After debuffs are received, cleanse them ASAP. Doing so will make this fight much, much easier. Debuffs are normally cast at instant speed after rupture.
    Voreth Battlesworn
    • Seismic trample: Identical to Grond's trample spell. It can be interrupted.
    • Hammer of Wrath: The Battlesworn will cast an attack that hits the entire party. It deals damage and disarms everyone. This can’t be interrupted. Interrupt armor on a player can mitigate the effect.
    Forgemaster Trogun
    This is the last boss in the instance. The Forgemaster is a 3 phase boss. The forgemaster is immune to damage during one phases. Also note this will be the hardest fight in this dungeon, mainly because of the Dance Dance phase and weather or not he bugs.
    Phase 0
    Upon approaching the boss, the message: “The air becomes charged with Exanite", will appear. During this time Trogun is invulnerable. Moving to close to the area in front of the forge (by the steps) will deal massive damage (there should be a red telegraph obscuring it). During this time players should dodge all telegraphs and do nothing else.
    Possible Bug: Throwing a tank Taunt to start the fight has been known to bug him and get him stuck on the platform or the stairs, this becomes a problem when you enter into phase one and does Forgemaster's Call. Or he starts Exanite while he has done no damage till he starts Phase two.
    Phase 1
    - 100 - 60%
    • Volcanic Strike: This is a targeted telegraph on Trogun's aggro target. The cast summons a group of volcanic rocks and fire, which will remain on the battlefield for a period of time. These do massive damage and need to be avoided. The cast can cause fireballs to erupt from the location and fall to the ground.
    • Forgemaster’s Call: When cast, the message “Forgemaster Trogun calls upon the primal fires of Kel Voreth” is displayed.
    Trogun summons orbs of power. These come from all sides of the dungeon. Players can and must pick up these orbs. Each orb grants a player an Assault Power and Support Power buff. If any orbs get to Trogun, he gains a damage buff of 10% per an Orb with a max orb count of 16. each player can grab multiple orbs (the buff only stacks 4 times). If Trogun gets multiple buffs, he will likely wipe the group.

    Side Note: it is a good idea to spread your group around the room, to insure that each side is covered. Grabbing all the orbs greatly increases your group's DPS. Trogun's melee attacks do increased damage and become AoE attacks if he gains the buff.

    Phase 2
    - 60%
    Trogun retreats to his forge and becomes invulnerable. It is advisable for the party to run to the back of the room. All telegraphs on the ground disappear. Trogun will cast Exanite Weapon
    • Exanite Weapon: While casting, Trogun summons a barrage of fireballs-razorblades that will spread out from the forge. These need to be dodged. This is luckily not too difficult. It is recommended that players simply move back and forth. Dashing or moving the camera can cause a player to become "misaligned" and take multiple hits. Healers will likely be unable to heal during this time. If successfully executed, no player will take damage during this phase. This is also a Phase I like to call the Dance Dance phase.
    Phase 3
    - 60% - 0%
    Trogun returns from the forge and continues to melee his target and cast Volcanic Strike. Trogun will also castForgemaster's Call. With his exanite weapon, this will call orbsand send fireball-razorblades out from his body. They can be dodged, but the priority is grabbing the orbs. Continue to DPS Trogun until he is felled.

    Veteran Tactics

    Please note - Only differences to normal mode are listed. Unless stated otherwise assume standard Normal mechanics + changes mentioned here.
    Grond the Corpsemaker
    Not much difference on this one. It is ESSENTIAL to note now, that the adds spawned from "Scratch Itch" MUST be kited into the traps. Failure to do so will result in them exploding after approx 10-15 seconds) and dealing massive damage to the person they are attached to.
    Once the adds are trapped they will spawn a smaller version of them with a lot of health. These can be ignored but will overwhelm if the fight lasts too long.
    • Soft Enrage : Mini adds and the traps no longer respawn. Getting caught in these can affect your fight.
    Slavemaster Drokk
    Phase 5 : Tethers are now applied throughout this phase.

    When he casts SUPPRESION WAVE he will now leave a gas cloud at the central cast underneath him. This acts as a soft enrage limiting the time you have to kill him, and also causes damage (as you might expect). At the beginning of phase 5 he should have <250k health.

    Forgemaster Trogun
    Health + Damage increase as expected.

    Volcanic strike needs be interrupted to kill him asap.

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