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Wildstar Chapter Proposal

May 6, 2014
Wildstar Chapter Proposal

  • Bishop level Leadership Dedicated:
    Cloudslinger, Raalvin

    Priest level Leadership Interested: Tssha, Dentist, Negator, Silverb1rd, Novum

    Current Status: June 3rd launch. 3 day headstart for Preorder. Beta weekends for Preorders.

    Game Details:
    Themepark Sci-Fi MMO. Unique, colorful graphics. Action based, skill oriented combat. Exceptional skill system with many options for theorycrafting and teamwork. Unique Storyline. Two factions The Dominion (Evil & Serious) vs The Exiles (Good & Lighthearted) What is Wildstar?, Official Site, Wiki

    Chapter Game goals/aim:
    PvP and PvE balanced into both types of gameplay. Looking to get outfit “ops” type nights for organized PvP arenas and PvE raids. Endgame content is TBA at this time but the PvP seems really enjoyable.

    We will not require players to attend any events but strongly encourage it. We are casual in a sense that attendance is not required, however when you are in attendance at an event (Raid or PvP scenario) you should be at 100% and be prepared to play at your best with minimal socializing. Outside of events socializing is encouraged.

    We are not going for world firsts but we are headstrong about winning content. Everyone should be coming to events and raids 100% committed to better their combat potential and the guilds advancement.

    Leadership Strategy:
    Cloud and Raalvin will be leading this new chapter and requesting Bishop status after successful launch of recruiting efforts. Current leadership is greatly encouraged to join and help the Chapter in any way and is welcome to join at priest level. Events will be balanced between the three bishops and priests. Raid schedules will be worked out between leadership and start at 9:00pm EST. The amount of events and days are to be discussed after the member base gets to max level and is ready to advance at this content.

    Implement an AAR system similar to after ops nights for after PvP and PvE events, continue the push for criticism for improving the group as a whole but figure out a way to not cross the line into blaming specific people for doing poorly.

    Server Type:
    PvP server with emphasis on helping each other. Reasoning includes forcing teamwork with other members of the Guild to assist in leveling. Vindicators are very Player vs. Player centric due to the nature of planetside and the idea that your vulnerable at any time should not be a new idea to our players. This however needs to be brought to a vote to collect opinions so we don’t force Vindicators away that really want a PvE server.

    Faction Type:
    The Exiles.

    Chapter Goals:
    1) Grow the chapter to be a full sized guild dedicated to the game to tackle 40+ content
    2) Create a positive atmosphere above all respect each other.
    3) Create an Environment where players are deeply encouraged to help new members and one another get through additional content and obtain better gear/knowledge/skill “for the good of the Outfit” rather than personal gain.
    4) Work with current Planetside 2 leadership to ensure that both chapters are strong and we only see a growth in the community and not a decline or move into another game. Planetside 2 will continue to be developed and Sony is dedicated to continuing it. This game should offer alternative options for our members and not a means for the outfit to “Move”. (possible WildStar playerbase to join PS2 ops night on special events)

    Recruitment Strategy:
    Continue to uphold The Vindicators recruitment standards and policies.

    1) Require Teamspeak and all rules outlined on Tactics website under “The Outfit” section.
    2) Require members to register and apply on the forums prior to joining
    3) Continue the interview via teamspeak policy.
    4) Method: Posting on the Curse forum, need to come up with a recruitment post of ‘About the Vindicators. Can steal from Vindicators recruitment threads on PS2
    5) Method: Playing within the beta and finding interested unguilded players and recruiting them through traditional methods.
    6) Continue the Planetside 2 rank system, slight reductions
    Bishops = Chapter Leaders
    Priests = Chapter Officers
    Zealots = Chapter NCO’s
    Acolytes = Chapter Members

    Leadership Responsibilities:

    • Contributor to the forums. Writes guides and active.
    • Selflessness to helping other guildies
    • Actively looks to include all members online via PM or asking in guild chat.
    • Takes up a craft and actively looks to make items for other members, especially those that have poor gear/items.
    • Teamspeak participation & inclusion into conversations
    • No hate speech about the following:
      • The Game WildStar itself
      • Developers
      • Bugs
      • Classes
      • Pugs
      • Other Guilds
      • Or really… just no hate speech or whining
    • Comes up with constructive means of dealing with problems instead of spinning a hate machine and getting other members riled up.
    • Open to new ideas, strategies, and takes all opinions into consideration
    • Constantly learning and studying new tactics from other organizations.
    • Kind to others but Firm when it comes to group play
    • Actively tries to organize group play
    • Recruits new members
    • Interviews new recruits to the best of their abilities
      • Meets with leadership to ensure interview process is complete.

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