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Warrior (DPS) Guide

Jun 17, 2014
Warrior (DPS) Guide

  • So i'm guessing that your here because you like to swing a big, bad-ass looking sword, wear heavy armor & slam you enemy to the ground & pound the living s%$@ out of their lifeless corpse? Well your've come to the right place cupcake!

    This build uses the warrior's three main damaging abilities and Power Strike, Breaching Strikes, and Relentless Strikes to put as many hits on target as possible for a given fight. It also uses Power Link to create an additional damage buff for self and raid DPS increase.

    Essential Abilities

    [​IMG] Relentless Strikes

    ...is used as your builder and is also your second highest damaging ability. This should be your mandatory "go-to" to maintain maximum kinetic energy as anything over 750 will give you a damage increase from your amp tree. In addition, tier 8 Relentless Strikes will remove the cooldown from Power Strike and give you the advantage to hit more times per fight. With the tier 4 reduction to energy decay this makes it an additional bonus for up time above that critical 750.

    [​IMG] Power Strike

    ...is your consuming ability and highest damage output ability for now. Every time you see it come off cooldown, it should be priority one to use it up and start the cooldown again. What we're looking for here Is maximum up time for Power Strike's tier 8 upgrade of empower. This ability is a must in all raid builds currently.

    [​IMG] Breaching Strikes

    ...is a high damage builder that boosts damage whenever it becomes available after a critical hit. Use this as second priority right behind Power Strike.

    [​IMG] Power Link

    ...is a high damage buffer that increases you and four party members damage by X% depending on your tier. This ability should be used on CD prior to starting your Power Strike and Breaching Strikes whenever possible. It should also be used in conjunction with your Overpower to give that extra bit of MMPH!

    [​IMG] Grapple

    ...is a maximum range interrupt ability, and let me emphasize maximum range = 20m interrupt. Flash Bang also has a 20m range, but for mobs that start to run away or toward a healer, remember that you're in heavy armor and it's nice to grab them and pull them on back to you. Give them one of those "no-no" finger swishes and start pounding away again.

    Utility Abilities

    For warriors, more than most other classes, we actually have a lot of raid utility due to only having a few essential abilities and can be used in many different ways. Our amps provide great bonuses, and our abilities provide raid wide buffs, single target buffs, target debuffs, or even to just throw in a little more damage.

    [​IMG] Leap

    ...is a movement ability and in addition to being a great way to start a fight, it's a great way to get around. Leap is an instant cast jump forward 20m ability and has much more utility in raids than anywhere else. For every time you forget to dash or sprint away, or maybe you were just too slow to move, or even a boss mechanic that throws you in the air or knocks you off a ledge, Leap is there to save your ... yep.

    [​IMG] Unstoppable Force

    ...is your crowd control (CC) break and is used often. Whether it is trash pulls or a big boss, almost everything in this game has its own version of crowd control. Don't forget your CC break; good warriors never leave home without it.

    [​IMG] Kick

    ...is another interrupt ability that provides a knockdown to targets. As I said earlier, warriors can provide a lot of raid utility and being able to carry an extra interrupt may save that healer's life who just pulled aggro. Normally I never leave Kick off of LAS. Sit down and shut up (insert mob here)!

    [​IMG] Defense Grid

    ...is a 25 second cooldown ability (not 60) that increases all resistances by 21%. Wait what... there's more. It lasts 10 seconds and provides a giant telegraph for ALL raid members to stand in and enjoy the benefits. Too much raid AOE damage incoming, pop up Defense Grid; tank getting smashed, pop up Defense Grid; feel like giving your healers a break, pop up Defense Grid. With 3 warriors you can keep this ability up 100% of the time and enjoy taking less damage ... forever!

    [​IMG] Smackdown

    ...is the first optional I will say is also mandatory. Yes I did. But why would an optional ability be mandatory? This ability throws in a little bit of damage and applies Expose which reduces all resistances by 10% for 5 targets for 9 seconds. While amp'd in to cooldown reduction, the 10 second cooldown (not 15) will become a 9 second cooldown, so 1 warrior can maintain this debuff on target 100% of the time. I would recommend having 2 just in case. You can be the debuffer guy!

    Note: This coupled with the Overwhelming Presence amp is mandatory for one warrior to carry to have the raid at highest dps. This is used for the support dps build.



    So the first thing to know about warrior amps is: there are just so many damn good ones to get them all. So we're going to start in the assault tree.

    Assault Tier 1:

    First and foremost, go ahead and tier up 3/3 Assault Power, Critical Hit (crit), and Critical Severity. Warrior’s primary DPS stats are Brutality and Moxie with maybe a little Finesse on the side. What we're looking for is to hit hard, hit often, and CRIT, CRIT, CRIT as much as possible. Most of our procs or damage dealing abilities have major benefits from crit, so make sure to take those right away. Now hit save and move to tier 2 assault.

    Assault Tier 2:

    As we move in to tier 2, there are 2 must haves: Power Hitter and Laceration. Power hitter increases your critical severity and stacks, grab that and move to Laceration. Applying a bleed affect that does more damage and all I have to do is hit a target ... yes please?

    Assault Tier 3:

    Kinetic Fury increases all of the damage you deal while above 500 kinetic energy which you will be almost all the time, so grab that too. Armor Shred applies an expose to the target reducing the target's resistances. Grab that increased raid damage buff and make sure your buddies have it too so it can stay up all the time as it only lasts for 15 seconds and has a 20 second cooldown. Moving on.

    Utility Tier 1:

    Since we're already on the topic; Cooldowns 1, 2, and 3 reduce your cooldowns by 5% each. Maybe that doesn't seem like a lot, but when you're trying to power strike as much as possible, jump on board and smash more buttons more often. I've mentioned above that cooldown reduction helps in many situations, maybe you could find your own?

    Utility Tier 2:

    Here you want to grab Speed Burst and Kinetic drive to get a little extra movement and regen some energy while running, but if you don't like these feel free to pick your own combo.

    Utility Tier 3:

    Pick up Power Link! You will need this to be on top of the other warriors DPS.

    Hybrid A/S Tier 1:

    For this section, I would say Strike through is mandatory with the exception of the very exceptionally well geared and having that extra 3% pays very big dividends because we really don't want to waste all that time and energy to swing a giant sword for nothing because this jackass (insert mob here) just deflected it.

    The Perfect Rotation ... doesn't exist.

    I'll start this by saying that by no means is this a perfect rotation, and there are many people that do it better than myself, but here's what we're looking for:

    To begin, you'll want to use some Relentless Strikes and build up some kinetic energy. Now bring on the Power Strikes! Back to Relentless and hope to proc the cooldown removal of Power Strikes, Power Strike again don't forget to use Power Link before you Power Strike. Remember to keep looking out for those critical hits and laying on the Breaching Strikes. Stay above 750 kinetic energy or your DPS will drop significantly as it benefits all of your abilities. After Power Strikes you should always be able to sneak in one more Relentless Strikes before moving to bring up a utility. If you're one of the warriors assigned to bring up Defense Grid or Smackdown, don't stress too hard because there is plenty of time in the rotation for fillers.

    I guess i should add the Links to the build or Ralvin will be looking for me lol

    Highest DPS Build:

    Support DPS Build:

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