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Tradeskill & Crafting Guide

May 6, 2014
Tradeskill & Crafting Guide
  • Before dismissing crafting entirely, ask yourself if you do want to craft for yourself and the guild. If not then just pickup two of the gathering professions.

    Like WoW, Wildstar allows you to pick two professions, of those professions there are two types of crafts you can choose.

    1) Gathering
    2) Crafting

    Weaponsmith - Makes weapons of all kinds & Assault Systems
    Armorer - Makes Heavy armor & Shields
    Outfitter - Makes Medium armor & Support Systems
    Tailor - Makes Light armor & Bags
    Technologist - Makes Consumables & Power Cores
    Architect - Makes Housing and Warplot FabKits

    Relic Hunter

    --Everyone has access to--

    Good Crafting/Gathering combos:
    Weaponsmith - Mining
    Armorer - Mining
    Outfitter - Survivalism
    Tailor - Relic Hunter
    Technologist - Relic Hunter
    Architect - My vote is mining
    • Why not Survivalist? Architects use wood from Outfitter/Survivalists. Those choosing this path do not need wood since outfitting does not require it, but may farm it if they come across it. Wood can be donated to the guild Architect
    • Why not Relic Hunter? Architects use the Omniplasm from Relic Hunters which a tailor would choose, however Omni is only used for bags and not for gear, making it more of an optional choice for a tailor to keep. Omni could be donated
    • Why mining then? Gems, Ore, and Crystals will always be in high demand because everyone wants new weapons. Trying to get someone to donate ore/gems to you as a Architect would be a bigger deal than the others.



    Lastly I wanted to mention about Cooking.

    Cooking is not the devil everyone makes it out to be. Its an easy to learn, and actually fun craft. There is NO SKILL POINTS to cooking, only level requirement for the recipe.

    You get produce from all over the world, you don't need anything but to attack it and it drops the reagents needed for cooking. Survivalists will always be better cooks since they get meat naturally from killing animals, however this does not mean you cannot cook, it just means your a vegitarian unless you buy meats from someone.

    Cooking is learned by recipes obtained from all over the word. Each recipe comes with a basic food formula which you can then add things to. If you get the combo right, you can make two types of "special buff food" from that single recipe. This food buff will be a huge buff and your guildies will be really happy if you bring some with you.

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