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Teamspeak Setup

Jan 19, 2014
Teamspeak Setup

  • All members must join us on Teamspeak to allow us to quickly and clearly communicate. We have a dedicated channel for Planetside where you will find all of our members during quiet times but during peak hours and during events we split into separate squad channels that are designated "Raven 1, Raven 2, etc". This is done as when we are running multiple platoons having two "Alpha" squads is confusing for all involved.

    Download: Teamspeak

    In Teamspeak we have set icons to display a persons rank in the outfit:
    [​IMG] - Acolyte - Rank and file member of the community.
    [​IMG] - Chaplain - Experienced Vindicator who has been with the community for years.
    [​IMG] - Deacon - Experienced member who has shown an interest and aptitude in squad leading and is undergoing training.
    [​IMG] - Priest - A proven squad leader and officer of the outfit.
    [​IMG] - Bishop - A leader of the outfit, usually platoon leading or coaching other platoon leads.
    [​IMG] - Patriarch - Founder of the outfit, Dave "Vindicore" Lloyd.

    Basic Setup
    • Download the client version of TeamSpeak 3 at www.teamspeak.com and install it just as you would any program.
    • Start the program and at the top click “Settings” then “Setup Wizard”, which will guide you through the basic settings. We require you to set a hot key for push to talk.
    Bookmark Setup
    • At the top of the window click “Bookmarks” then “Manage Bookmarks” then click the “Add Bookmark” button at the top.
    • Enter "The Vindicators" into the “Label” box.
    • Enter into the “Address” box.
    • Enter your in game name into the “Nickname” box.
    Overlay Setup

    **Warning** Teamspeak Overlay is not compatible with all games **Warning**

    The TeamSpeak overlay will allow you to have a display showing the TeamSpeak user talking while you are playing the game. Alternatively keyboards with a screen or even second monitors can serve this purpose.

    To set up the overlay:
    • Click “Settings” then “Plugins” then tick “TeamSpeak 3 Overlay Plugin”.
    • Highlight “TeamSpeak 3 Overlay Plugin” and click settings near the bottom left. Here you can set various options to tailor it to your preferences.
    Channel Commander

    You may also notice that each person on Teamspeak has a blue circle next to their name: [​IMG]
    Other members do not have a blue circle, instead having an orange one:[​IMG]

    This shows that that player is a Channel Commander, usually the leader of the squad or second in command, or the overall platoon leader.

    To set up Channel Commander do the following:
    1. Click "Tools" then "Whisper Lists" from the top bar.
    2. Click on "New" and press "any key" : this will select "any key" as the hot key.
    3. Click on the drop down menu "Whisper to" on top and select Groups
    4. Click on the drop down menu "Group whisper type" and select "Channel Commander"
    5. Click on the drop down menu "Group whisper target" and select "All channels". This allows you to talk to all other channel commanders.
    For channel commanders we recommend that you use the 'CrossTalk' TeamSpeak plugin, which allows you to better hear multiple speakers by having their voice sounding from a different direction, as well as other useful features. You can find the plugin here.

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