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Stormtalon Lair (STL)

Jun 17, 2014
Stormtalon Lair (STL)
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    This section is meant as a guide to playing through the Dungeon. For the Lore and History please see my Lore and History of STL Thread HERE.

    Stormtalon's Lair is the first dungeon Exile players encounter. It requires level 17 in order to enter the instance and level 20 to queue for it through Group Finder. Unlike Ruins of Kor Voreth (RKV) this dungeon doesn't have a great variety of creatures. RKV also tends to be scaled a lot easier in terms of Trash difficulty and Boss difficulty. STL starts off pounding you in the face and hard where as RKV is fairly simplistic up to the last bosses Mass Area of Effect ( AoE ) spells.

    Base Population ( or Trash )
    Thundercall Sentinel: This type of creature has only one ability, Shockwave, which has a frontal telegraph. This creature has no Interupt Armor (IA) and as a result only one interrupt is needed to prevent this ability being cast. Interrupting this ability will give you a Moment of Opportunity(MoO). The Sentinel will usually be linked to a Thundercall Shaman.

    Thundercall Shaman: This creature has an ability called Rejuvenate. Rejuvenate will regenerate the health of the linked Thundercall Sentinel. The Shaman has one IA which means it will require two interrupts to prevent this creature from successfully casting Rejuvenate.

    Thundercall Storm-Watcher: This creature normally appears linked with Thunderbreak Fleshrippers. The groupings of Storm-Watcher and Fleshrippers are one of the most damaging groupings of creatures in the dungeon. The Storm-Watcher has one IA, and two primary abilities:
    • Rampage: A frontal column telegraph with multiple strikes. The first hit will cause knockdown and the second is high damage. This ability can be interrupted, and can be avoided by moving out of the telegraph.
    • Hack and Slash: A frontal column telegraph with multiple strikes. This attack is otherwise similar to Rampage, but does far more damage. It can be interrupted and should be avoided due to the high amount of damage it does.
    Thunderbreak Fleshrippers: These large bird creatures normally accompany the Thundercall Storm-Watchers. They do not have any notable abilities.

    Thundercall Storm-Weaver: The Thundercaller Storm-Weaver is one of the most dangerous creatures of the dungeon due to several of its abilities:
    • ????: this is a stacking debuff placed on the whole group, which will continue to stack until it is dispelled or the Storm-Weaver is killed.
      • It is highly recommended that the group stacks for cleansing or kills this creature as fast as possible.
      • Although let it be noted that with good DPS and a well organized group a cleanse is not needed.
    • Conduction: The Storm-Weaver targets a party member and stuns them. A telegraph will placed at that party member's location which deals damage every second.
      • Due to the nature of the above debuff it is recommended that this ability be Interrupted or that the targeted party member uses CC breaking skills as the combined damage can quickly kill.
    Skyborn Tempest: The Skyborn Tempest only performs two notable abilities:
    • ????: The creature rushes forward at a party member, generally the tank, and leaves a trail of damaging AoE behind him.
    • Manifest Cyclone: This is a two part telegraph attack. During the first part the telegraph follows the targeted player. The second part of the ability summons a static cyclone that deals damage at the targeted player's last location once the first has finished. It is highly advised that the affected player drag the cyclone away from the group as the Cyclone will not move once it is spawned.
    Blade Wind the Invoker: This is the first boss of the dungeon. Blade Wind the Invoker comes with four Thundercall Channelers and the fight consists of three phases:

    Phase 1: During phase 1, Blade Wind focuses on the target with the highest threat and deals heavy damage. Occasionally he will use his ability Thunder Cross.

    Thunder Cross is a large cross shaped telegraph that Blade Wind places in front of himself. It has a short cast time which makes it easier to avoid than interrupt. Although Interrupting it will not only increase the damage on the boss by 20% , it will also alleviate the incoming damage on the tank and out going mana use of the Healer. When Blade Wind reaches 60% of his health, he will disarm the entire group and enter phase 2. This disarm can be prevented by using IA, but it can also be ended by waiting out the duration or picking up the dropped weapon.

    Phase 2:
    At the start of the phase, Blade wind places a large shield around himself preventing damage and preventing Tanks from generating threat with damaging abilities. During this phase, the four Thundercall Channelers must be killed. Assigning a kill order helps keep the group close together for healing as well as focusing damage. Blade Wind gains a new ability during this phase as well called Lightning Strike.

    Lightning Strike's telegraph will first appear at the feet of one of the party members. This telegraph follows the party member until it finishes the cast and places a second telegraph. Once the second telegraph completes its cast, a strike of lightning crashes down dealing large amounts of damage. It is recommended that this be placed on the Channlers to kill them as quickly as possible.

    Once a Channler is killed, it will summon a Static Wisp. Static Wisps travel around the room during different speeds based on your distance from Blade Wind. The closer you are to the boss the slower it will travel. If a party member is hit by one of the wisps, they will take damage and be stunned. Crowd control breaking abilities help in getting out of the stun.

    Once all 4 Channelers are dead, Blade Wind will remove his shield, disarm the party, and begin phase 3. Again IA prevents the disarm. He also resets the Threat table and automatically will target the Healer in this transition. A void slip will allow for not to happen or if the tank has IA. If the Tank has IA up he has 3 seconds after the shield drops to gain Aggro, if this is done properly the Healer will never be targeted.

    Phase 3:
    During phase 2 the Tank of the party can not generate threat on the boss from most of their abilities. This can cause Blade Wind to target the healer at the beginning of phase 3 and quickly kill them.

    There are several ways to handle the tricky transition from phase 2 to phase 3.
    • IA (An Esper's innate, Phantasmal Armor, or a warriors Emergency Reserves, or a medics Barrier, ect).
      • Spellslingers can Void Slip to avoid both the disarm and drawing agro.
      • An Engineer's Bruiser Bot can taunt the boss.
      • There is a 3 second window during the transition between when Blade Wind drops his shield and disarms the party that a tank can taunt to keep agro on them.
      Blade Wind continues to cast Lightning Strike and the Wisps from phase 2 still have to be avoided. Blade Wind gains one final ability in this phase called Electrostatic Pulse. Electrostatic Pulse is a very large AoE covering most of the room. Players hit by it receive damage and are knocked down. The ability has safe zones, but the party must be careful to avoid the Wisps that are traveling around the room. If forced to choose between getting hit by Electrostatic Pulse or a Wisp, get hit by the Wisp. This phase continues until Blade Wind is defeated. It is also suggested that you set a Interrupt rotation on the boss which will help with taking him down. Generally we dodge the first AoE telegraph and interrupt the second, then dodge the third and Interrupt the fourth, and so on.
    Aethros: Aethros second boss in Stormtalon's Lair and is a two phase encounter that rotates back and forth between phases. There is a unique challenge in phase 2 as well.

    Phase 1: During the first phase Aethros will target the target with the highest threat. During the fight a message will appear on screen “Aethros starts to dissipate” and Aethros will begin to cast Air Shift. Air Shift summons three extra creatures called Gusts of Aethros. The Gusts deal a fair amount of damage, but have no abilities. This is the most healing intensive part of the fight, so healers and tanks must be prepared. Once the gusts are defeated another message will appear on screen “A zephyr sweeps you off your feet”. The party will be swept backwards and the second phase begins. During the Dissipation stage of this it is highly advised to set up an interrupt rotation again. It is also highly advised that all dps and healer stacks on tank to make gathering the Gust of Aerthos easier. When setting up the Rotation pick an order for example: Kai goes first, once his interrupt is over he then calls out Shoe to interrupt, Once his interrupt is spent he calls out Cloud, then Cloud calls out Ralvin, and ralvin calls out Xentes, finally Xentes calls out Kaimick. Also it is advised that people put in extra points into their Interrupts to allow for a longer knockdown or stun.

    Phase 2:
    When phase 2 begins, the party is pushed to the entrance of the room. Aethros will begin casting his ability Tempest. During this cast, the Tornadoes located on both sides of the room will begin moving from one side of the the room to the other. He will also call down lightning targeted at the party. The unique challenge of this fight is to defeat him without being hit by a tornado in this phase.

    The objective of this phase is for your group to reach the Aethros as quickly as possible and interrupt him. Aethros has two IA, which will require at least three interrupts to interrupt him. A Spellslinger can Void Slip past the majority of the gauntlet. Once he has been interrupted, he begins casting his ability Torrent. Three round telegraphs will appear near him that will deal large amounts of damage. Torrent can’t be interrupted and should be avoided. One Torrent has finished casting, Aethros will return to his phase 1 tactics.

    Stormtalon: Stormtalon is the final boss of the dungeon.
    Stormtalon's main attack is a large cleave that extends in front and behind him. The party members need to stand at his sides to avoid being hit by this ability. At certain times during the encounter, Stormtalon will perform a large knockback on the entire party, followed by a stun, and finally begin casting his ability Static Wave. Static Wave is a round telegraph that will appear on the sides of the room slowly closing in on the boss each time it ticks. It is highly important to interrupt this ability before it reaches Stormtalon because it will release a large explosion dealing massive amounts of damage once it reaches him.

    Upon reaching 60% of his HP, Stormtalon will occasionally cast random Lightning Strikes on random party members. Stormtalon also gains a new ability called Eye of the Storm he will use on random party members. A large message will appear onscreen “ELECTRICITY FLOWS THROUGH (Party Member Name)". A safe zone is created around that player and a huge telegraph will cover most of the room in a electric flow. This player will still be targeted by Lightning strikes and will have to move, thus moving the safe zone. If possible, the safe zone should be moved near the boss so melee DPS can still attack. Eventually he finishes the cast and the fight return to normal.
    Hints and helpful tips for the dungeon:
    Interrupts are vital to downing bosses fast and trash. Now there are many ways to do this and usually the tank will decide on how the group will go about it. I personally like to break the party into two groups, with the person with the lowest CD on Interrupt being in both groups. Playing a warrior I have a 20 second CD on my abilities so I am generally in both groups. Now some players run two interrupts I will usually place them into group 2 and if I have more than one running two I will have one in Group 1 and group 2. This allows for a back up Interrupt if one of the groups is stunned or unable to throw an interrupt. This is usually the case with the Thundercaller Stormweaver, what I suggest is the people running a second interrupt will use the second one on the second cast of Conduction. Now some Tanks will have everyone run 2 interrupts so that when it is needed everyone just spams their interrupt. This also works and there is no problems do it this way, it also allows a Healer to have all heals if they are not sure about their abilities to heal. All in all both methods work and none should be look down upon or treated as better than the other, if they achieve the overall goal that is all that matters. The down side to running one interrupt with everyone and breaking into teams is; It requires your group to have precise coordination with the tanks commands and have a strong healer confident in their own abilities. With the Group method it doesn't allow for any mistakes, it is unforgiving and not suggested for a group not experienced in solid teamwork.

    DPS use aggro dumps, this is not a necessity but with the recent buffs to Spellslingers they can gain threat early and fast, running aggro dumps or holding back till your tank has sufficient threat. You may be able to do 40k dps in 3 seconds but if you die in the process that means nothing. If you are pulling threat with no aggro dump or personal restraint you are also causing the healers to use more mana to keep you up then is needed, which can cause a wipe. Understand your tanks and how fast the generate threat, A warrior generates slowly but once he has it he usually has no issues losing it. Stalker tanks generate threat with lightning speed as their over all attack speed is faster than all other tanks, I expect this to be more evenly rounded out to the other tanks closer at launch. I feel the stalker tank will always generate threat faster, but some sort of scaling will have to be put into place for when there are multiple tanks. So know your tanks, ask questions gauge when you should blow your load, start out slow wait for the first major interrupt, this is when you generally do 20% more damage and the tank will have sufficient threat regardless of class.

    Tanks; watch the Pulls know your radius and threaten radius's. Understand what Line of Sight (LoS) means in this game. When you LoS mobs none of your party can be in view, all must be out of view. I generally start the LoS pulls on the first set of Trash in the dungeon to get the group use to LoS pulls. This also helps mold your DPS into tight groups so your healer has an easier time. Communicate, if you don't want your dps hitting something tell them. You as the tank are the deciding factor in when something happens. Understanding the trash and trash abilities and mechanics of the dungeon will make this experience and leadership in the dungeon easier. If you do not feel comfortable leading the dungeon then either ask for help or you may want to re-think your class and role. When you hit Raids you may or may not have to command a group of people, if the healer is the Heart of the group and the DPS is the Breath or soul of the group then you as a tank are the Mind behind it.

    Veteran Mode changes:
    Blade Wind the Invoker

    • Thunder Cross must be interrupted
    • The 4 adds around the room will now spawn large telegraphs centered on them, covering approximately 1/4 of the room. This is random, but the first to cast when engaging the boss will always be the front right.
    • The 4 Adds are now shielded. This can only be broken by placing LIGHTNING STRIKE on them.
    • Wisps move faster.
    Phase 3:
    Electrostatic Pulse - Now cast 3 times in quick succession, but Interruptable. If interrupted, it will only count for the current cast.
    If you interrupt cast 2 he will still do the third when MoO is over.
    • Increased stacks of Interrupt Armour to 3.
    • Adds when he dissipates now cast a timed AoE on 1 Person. When the AoE drops it will leave a puddle on the floor that snares and does heavy damage.
    • His frontal Cleave now snares.
    • Applies a stacking debuff that increases vulnerability to his attacks that should be cleansed, but is only applied if damage from the boss is taken.
    • AoE Lightning Strikes during Static Wave now spawn much faster and Hurt a lot. - Advisable to equip a gap closer AND stun break to interrupt Stormtalon before the room gets overrun with AoE.
    • The person chosen to be the eye of the storm will now be Disoriented. CC Break to dispel or pick a direction and move steadily in that 1 direction.
    • Radius of the Eye of the Storm is now smaller making it more difficult to avoid Lightning Strike.

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