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Stalker (Tank) Guide

Jul 13, 2014
Stalker (Tank) Guide

  • My Current Spec (Ralvin): http://ws-base.com/builds/generator...6.947.948.774.775.776.793.794.917.777.778.779

    Still working:

    [Opening Statement]

    [Stat balance]

    [Energy dumps: Nano field and Frenzy]

    [Energy balance]

    [Deflection importance]

    Nano Skin: Evasive
    Increases Deflect Chance by 10%, Resistances by 10%, Threat Generation by 200%, and reduces Assault Power by 26%. Exiting Stealth in combat reduces Damage Taken by 15% for 5.0s

    By switching Nano skin to Lethal and swapping some skills out you can do some effective dps as long as the tank can out-threat you on your +threat skills.

    Support Skills:
    [​IMG] Nano Field
    Your first energy dump obtained. Good dps and gives additional survivability but the key is to train yourself to use it properly, activating every 5 seconds and collapsing the field at every 4.5 seconds right before it dissipates.

    Rank 4 the Nano Field gives you more ability to spam allowing one tick of field before you can collapse it for free energy.

    Nano armor will give small heals that add up over the time of the battle if managed properly, where frenzy gives more threat and "burst" survivability.

    [​IMG] Frenzy

    [​IMG] Whiplash
    Bread and butter attack. If you're not doing something while you wait for your energy to recharge you should be using Whiplash.

    Rank 4 dash token regen could be combined into a dash build combined with amps that give bonuses on dash. Don't rule it out, try and theorycraft with it.

    [​IMG] Razor Disk
    Moderate AOE dps. If you are more focused on single targets roll with Nano Virus. The debuff does not help your survivability, it only helps the dps which is counter intuitive to tanking.
    Good long range pull ability for pulling packs when tanking

    [​IMG] Nano Virus
    Best single target, fastest recharge, highest dps "extra" ability. It also comes with a survivability improvement.
    Not needed but good to pickup if you are looking for extra threat and another ability.

    [​IMG] Amplification Strike (Obtainable via AMPs)
    Before I leveled up and got Steadfast, this was not that horrible, however afterwards its pretty bad. This may be able to be used in a multi-tank raid setting where agro needs to trade off. The ability effects everyone that is within the large circle that is laid down.

    [​IMG] Decimate
    Combo this with high deflect chance and steadfast and you can maintain the debuff on the targets at all times with the right rotation

    [​IMG] Razor Storm

    [​IMG] Steadfast

    [​IMG] Nano Dart

    Utility Skills:
    [​IMG] Stagger

    [​IMG] False Retreat

    [​IMG] Reaver

    [​IMG] Pounce

    [​IMG] Tether Mine

    [​IMG] Tactical Retreat

    [​IMG] Bloodthirst

    [​IMG] Preparation

    [​IMG] Collapse

    [​IMG] Stim Drone


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