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Skill and Aiming

Jan 19, 2014
Skill and Aiming

    I have been having a hell of a time with my aiming. I know I suck but it doesn't seem to be getting better and in fact I did better in beta. Turns out my frame rate has tanked to where I am at 20 frames per second (FPS) in battles. I didn't know it at the time but that KILLS accuracy and damage per second. Also, my mouse settings were all wrong and jerky. Turns out there was stuff out of game and in game causing this. Lets go over some of the causes and fixes I have found.

    Frame rate is one of those things most of us know about but aren't quite sure how to maximize it. Often times people post me their .ini settings like it is a fix and it crashes my game to where I have to re-install. I will not be posting any .ini stuff but only in game options. Your in game FPS should be about 50-60 or higher. It is important that you have a steady frame rate around here or higher. If you're frame rate is lower the target may be getting shot but won't register the damage with you. Also this will lead to over correction and not being able to stay on target. After I did all the following changes I went from 30 fps sitting, 20 fps in battles to 60-80 fps sitting and 50-60 fps in battles. This is all without upgrading my system. What I have learned so far from tweaks:

    The devil. VSync will actually restrict your fps. If you have tearing issues please turn this on but if not please leave it off. If your monitor is rated at higher than 75 fps you need to have this off.


    Turn this off for an FPS boost. This will make the game seem really bright so it is subjective to if you want performance or a pretty game. This also makes it easier to see enemies.


    Turn off Flora. This is the same as shadows as far as immersion. The terrain will feel barren but it turns out you can actually see more of your targets because there is essentially no grass/shrubbery.


    Turn these all off to make the game a bit more crisp and it should improve your FPS.


    Turn this off if your GPU is holding you back. Turn this on if you want the game to look really cool. Turning this off can also stop crashing some users experience.


    Setting this one step lower than your current setting will often jump your FPS a good amount.


    Changing your Render Quality to about 85% will often be the number one FPS booster. Changing your Render Quality in conjunction with Graphics Quality will increase your FPS by about 20.


    Out of game:

    Enhanced Pointer Precision:

    This needs to be off. This is for people who are inexperienced at computers in general and kinda is like a mouse dampening/smoothing type thing. If you do a quick movement with your mouse it will make you go farther and faster than you actually travelled your mouse. Also move slowly with your mouse and it will actually move less to give you a smoother mouse movement. YOU are playing an FPS and this will actually confuse your muscle memory. Turn it off, it will feel better.

    In game:

    Raw Mouse Input:

    Make sure this box is checked. This is actually the same thing as Enhanced Pointer Precision being turned off however I have seen a lot of confusion on the web. A lot of people say having both these settings shows a noticeable difference and they feel more accurate. There is also people who have stated that game updates seem to affect this if its off and should just leave it on all the time.

    Reduce Input Lag:

    I personally do not have this checked because it will increase load on your CPU. However if your rig is already running solid FPS and are having issues when you click to shoot or push to move around and there is a delay, turn this on. Improving your hardware can also help, mechanical keyboards and a higher end mouse like the G700 will work really well for competitive gaming.

    Sensitivity Settings:

    Sensitivity Settings are now slider bars under the General tab in your Settings. This part here is personal to each one of you. If you find yourself always over correcting and feeling a little too twitchy with your mouse please reduce your sensitivity. If its the opposite and you are always behind your target you may want to increase your sensitivity. Which ever you choose try and go about 50-75% for your Aimed and Scoped sensitivity. Please continue to mess with this till you find your sweet spot but my K/D has rose significantly since I did this. I currently run .50 for my regular sensitivity and .35 aimed with .35 scoped.


    Honestly these changes have significantly impacted my game play and improved my K/D. Also remember that practice makes perfect. Go to the VR room and practice turning 90 or 180 degrees and reflex firing on targets with your new settings. Give the settings a little bit to see if they are helping and remember that a lot of this you have to train yourself to get better with. I hope that you guys give some of these things a try and let me know if you have any other additional input to improve overall aim.

    Written by TheDentist.

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