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Jan 19, 2014
  • Organisation is a vital part of tactical warfare, and the war on Auraxis is no different - with organisation comes efficiency.

    This section is orientated around the structure of an organised Vindicator platoon and is broken down into:
    • Routine
    • Squad
    • Platoon


    When you join the fight we expect all of our members to follow the following routine:

    1. Join us on Teamspeak - joining the general Planetside channel. If you see people in separate squad channels then join one of them that has less than 12 members. See the Communications section for more details.
    2. Join the relevant squad in game.
    3. Pick a class that the squad needs, priority of HA, Engineer or Medic.
    4. Move to your squad (can usually press "Insert" to spawn near your squad leader).
    5. Stick with your squad leader and follow their directions.


    Each squad should be comprised of the following classes:
    • 3 Medics - vital for keeping the team on its feet.
    • 2 Engineers - vital for resupplying the team with ammunition and keeping them at full effectiveness.
    • 7 Heavy assaults - simply this is the class that takes ground and holds it, able to deal with anything that is thrown at them.
    We ask that all of our members specialise in one of these three classes so that we can have squads that are well balanced and can take ground and hold it indefinitely without support. The other three classes are highly situational however they will be asked for by the squad leader when they are needed.

    A squad leader has to ensure that his squad are working together to support each other and that the squad knows what you want them to be doing at all times. The squad leader should also be listening to orders from the platoon leader.


    The platoon is made up of multiple squads, that is coordinated and issued missions by the platoon leader, that will often be embedded within one of the squads although may be separate.

    A platoon leader is responsible for directing the squads under his command and making sure each squad leader knows what their current mission is, as well as that of the entire platoon. Platoon leaders will rarely be directing individuals in a combat zone; typically it will be up to the squad leaders to direct their troops on a tactical level (the platoon leader should be separate to squad leaders). The platoon leader must make sure that his squads are working together toward the same goal and supporting each other as effectively as possible.

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