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Jan 20, 2014

  • Movement is vital when relocating around the combat zone and maneuvering to gain the upper hand on the enemy. Movement however has its risks as it puts our forces at risk of ambush. When travelling high levels of awareness must be maintained by all, especially the forward element.

    This section covers:

    • Travelling over-watch
    • Bounding over-watch
    • Crossing open ground
    • Redeploy
    • Recall to Warp Gate for Galaxy
    • Deploy on squad leader

    Check out the video for a quick overview:

    Travelling over-watch


    Bounding over-watch


    Crossing open ground

    Players will at times have no choice but to cross areas of open ground to get to the next piece of cover. In this situation it is up to the squad leader to decide if it is safest for the whole squad to move as one, or move the squad across in groups while the rest of the squad covers them. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages. Moving the whole squad at once leaves the squad vulnerable to fire, however it is faster, hopefully not allowing the enemy time to bring its weapons to bear. Moving in groups allows the squad to cover each other, but the enemy can wait and prepare for the next group to cross and destroy them with ease.


    When the call goes out to recall, hit "delete" immediately! No waiting, second guessing, or goofing off. The platoon or squad leader has an objective that is time critical, a few seconds can make the difference between famous victory or being overrun. Listen for directions for what to do once you are in the deployment screen.

    IMPORTANT: When you are at the deployment screen, look at your class selection, lower left side, and choose the class and load out you want to spawn as (you do have all the load-outs pre-configured right?).
    Recall to Warp Gate for Galaxy
    Select the warp gate and spawn. Once you are loaded, run directly toward the end of the platform and look for your squads Galaxy and get in it. DO NOT NOT STOP AT THE TERMINALS. DO NOT PASS GO! DO NOT COLLECT $200! Your sole purpose in life at this moment is to get your butt on a cold Nanite System Galaxy seat. It should take you a max of 10 seconds from spawning to being in the Galaxy.

    If you are the one pulling a Galaxy for your squad, as your descending after spawning, open up your vehicle configuration "page down" and select squad platoon only. As your about to land, call out to your squad where you Galaxy is, try to call it out from the infantry's perspective "on your left" or "on your right".

    Steps for a good Redeploy and Galaxy Drop (copied from the Galaxy Certification guide):

    1. Make sure you have the right squad composition - you are generally going to be taking and holding something, so MAX units, Medics and Engineers are the way to get it done and keep the point in your hands.
    2. Don't bite off more than you can chew - a single squad against a platoon can be done, but only if the situation is perfectly handled.
    3. Know your target - dropping on a defensible position can be difficult if the enemy is dug in, but if you take it you can hold out for longer.
    4. Communicate - make sure your squad knows what the goal is, putting the way point right on the target area/building helps a lot.
    5. Spawn points - if using a Galaxy to attack a base you need to make sure you get spawn points up if possible, a spawn beacon every time and if possible use an infiltrator to hack out and deploy a Sunderer. Remember that squad deploy can get reinforcements in once every 5 minutes.
    6. Call for help - command chat allows you to tell the empire what you are up to, and hopefully get some support to take the pressure off you.
    7. Drop low - flying high gives the enemy a lot of time to not only see and fire on you but also to set up ground defenses on your target. The only real benefit to flying high is that it makes it harder for tank round to hit you. Flying high also makes the roof gunner position near useless for defense as enemy ESFs cant get above you.
    Deploy on squad leader

    An incredibly useful method for movement is that of deploying onto your squad leaders position. This allows you to deploy on them without having a spawn point anywhere near them. This is hugely useful if the enemy has destroyed your AMS and beacon and you have not other option. This can be done every 5 minutes currently. Often this will be coordinated so that all squad members do this at once for maximum impact and the squad leader reaches the target quickly using a Scythe.


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