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Medic (heal) Guide

Aug 20, 2014
Medic (heal) Guide
  • Medic Healing - Feel free to add more!

    Since I started Wildstar in Beta, the first class i have played has been the Medic. I have healed in other MMO's and the Medic hits my taste for healing right on the spot!

    What makes a Medic Healer Different from the Esper and Spellslinger Healing Classes?
    Medics are well known for being very mobile. Every spell of theirs can be cast while moving. They are also kown to have many area/field healing as well as some burst healing. The biggest downfall of the class would be their range. Almost all their spells are close to med range in healing. This requires a good medic to be very away of their teams position and how far their spells can reach them.

    What Stats should I be focusing on for gear?
    The top 3 top stats to focus on are Insight>Moxie>Focus recovery.
    *INSIGHT*- This is our core stat. It gives support power and more of it reaches it to new ranks.
    *MOXIE* - This boosts the chance we have to crit. More crits = bigger heals.
    FOCUS RECOVERY - Boosts regen recovery rate. I would say this is more of choice. If you run out of focus that try to stack more. My Personal opinion is that it is not as needed as some might think. I have yet to actually run flat out of Focus in any VET Dungeon Fight, and I have relative low Rating. (Though the rune set.
    CRIT SEVERITY- This will boost how hard our crits heal.
    BRUTALITY - Not a needed stat. Just because it is on med healing gear, its not completely wasted. It does help with hit (stun and Shield surge) and Crit Severity.

    How do I find good gear with these stats?
    Having someone craft you the Adventus Gear Medium > Running Vet Adventures > Running Vet Dungeons. The Vet Adventures are real easy and can be pugged. Vet Dungeons will take more skill and coordination between your group.
    Where do I put my Amps?
    In photo i have 1 extra Amp Point into Crit Severity

    Support Tree
    3 Pts into Support Power
    3 Pts into Focus Cost
    4 Pts into Reboot - Bonus Heal to Shield Surge when ally below 30%
    4 Pts into Armor Coating - Mitigation from our crit heals.
    6 Pts into Running on Empty -Helps give us ALOT of focus back if we ever do end up low.

    Utility - Gotta get them Protection Probes
    3 Pts into Cooldowns
    4 Pts into Solid State - Grand 1 Interrupt armor for when we use Mending Probes
    4 Pts into Regenerator - Passive Health Regen in Combat
    2 Pts into Protection Probes - Our defensive Probes that helps mitigate damage and grants 1 inturpt armor.

    Assault - Yes we need points into assault as healer for the 6% Crit chance..helps us and dps.
    3 Pts into Strikethrough - Helps with Crit Severity and hit chance.
    4 Pts into Empowering Aura - Gives 6% Crit Chance to whole group.

    Hybird A/S
    3 Pts into Critical Hit - Increases Crit Chance
    Left over points into Crit Severity - Increases Crit Severity

    What Abilities do I use? Which Tiers?
    I never change my Tiers for Emission Mending Probes, or Shield Surge.


    Tier 8 Emisson - Boosts our main healing ability, No focus cost below 250, Restores even more if ally gets healed by all ticks. Also our only ability besides Energize that gives Actuators. Spam this between heals/abilites until you are at 4 Actuators.
    Base Crisis Wave - We use this to heal in healthpoints. Covers good area and is our biggest Heal that is not on Cooldown. Does cost Actuators so be sure you have some from using Emisson. We use this when the group is taking alot of dmg and we need to get them up to max health quick.
    Tier 8 Mending Probes - This ability should be up 100% of the time. Probes give a Heal over Time and can heal the group between moving around telegraphs if they separate. Tier 4 Bonus is amazing for Burst healing, just use flash on someone with probes and your team will be at almost full HP every time. Tier8 Bonus also gives additional healing when the probes are detonated to 2 surrounding people. The probes will also detonate if the ally they are attached to takes damage that would kill them. Can be a nice lifesaver.
    Base Flash - Burst heal. Mainly save it to use with Mending probes.
    Tier 6 Shield Surge - What helps makes us special as a healer. As a medic healer we don't just try to heal everyone's health points, we also try to keep up their Shields. Shield surge can heal up to 4 teammates shields. Why is this special? Medics have a passive if they heal shields, then that ally takes 25% reduce damage on their shields. Add the Tier 5 Bonus and we have another Mitigation to shields. This should be using on anyone with 30% Shield or less if you can spare the focus cost.
    Base Urgency - Good escape/ re-position tool. Don't forget it also gives a 2.5% Movement speed. Using Spring with it can help as well. Should always be on as one of your "utility" skills.
    Utility Abilities and others below. -Now this is where it is different per person, situation and fight. Carbine has even said it themselves. There is no perfect build in the game. You should switch out abilities according to your group and situation.
    Base Paralytic Surge - Stun. Use if your group requires you for a stun rotation. If using outside of a stun rotation, use it on small aoe groups to help reduce damage on tank or save for when someone isn't in position to stun and another is needed.
    Base Antidote - Use this when there is something dispellable during the fight. remember to ask that your group stack up for the dispellable as it is rather small and shoots in front of you.
    Base Protection Probes - Standard choice to use as my other "utility" skill. This will help reduce damage take by 17% for your whole group if you can attach it to them. Also with the amp ability it provides an interrupt to them as well for the first 3 seconds. Either use this for the interrupt armor form it, or when trying new content. Its better to help make sure everyone stays alive when trying new areas/bosses. If needed use it to help reduce damage on tank as well.
    Base Empowering Probes - I use this if i have an open slot or i know my team can handle the current content we are on. It will provide a damage boost for the group and help with Silver Runs.
    Base Calm - This is our CC Break. Use it on any fight that it could be useful. It can help make a huge difference.
    Extricate - Pulls 2 party members to you. This can be a huge help or it can wipe the group. That is why i would recommend only using this to help team members "climb" walls or do jump puzzles. The exception otherwise would be if you are playing with people who you are use to and are confident in using the ability. Be sure to let them know you have it on so they don think they are lagging or glitched when used upon them.


    From Iwillhealu
    Will continue to update as I'm doing this.

    Helpful Links/ Sources
    Link 1 - This shows Pre-raid gear you can get for all classes (healing/dps/tanks)
    Link 2 - Technical stuff
    Link 3 - Another Guide that helped me alot. Especially Rune Section. Alot more in depth.

    Best Gear from
    Genetic Archives (20 man)

    Quick Look
    Loot drop Locations



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    • Phagetech Guardian



    • Genetic Monstrosity

    • Experiment X-89

    • Kuralak the Defiler

    • Phage Maw


    • Kuralak the Defiler

    • Phage Maw

    • Experiment X-89


    • Gravitron Operator

    • Phagetech Prototypes

    • Phageborn Convergence
    • Dreadphage Ohmna

    Support System
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    • Experiment X-89

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