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Jan 19, 2014

  • This guide details tactical and strategic methods that should be useful to players of multiplayer FPS games, particularly ones with large environments rather than small arenas. This guide does not attempt to help you with skill; that is a purely personal attribute that must be practiced, but this guide is to help people work with others so that they are more than just a random group of solo players but a team working as one. Although if you want some help with your skill, check this out.

    Much of this guide is based around real word strategy and tactics; in many aspects it carries across perfectly, however in others it does not:
    1. Fear of death not a factor; players will get themselves killed again and again if they can spawn a few seconds later, let alone retreat or surrender rather than fight to the end. This guide is based around utterly destroying the enemy and taking objectives from them.
    2. Physical fatigue does not matter; the player can run indefinitely and carry heavy loads.
    3. Planning phases in the real world would be much longer, whereas in a game hours and days simply cannot be spent planning a single operation; it must be done in seconds and minutes.
    4. Spawning means that the enemy always has reinforcements on their way, usually coming from the nearest spawn point to the fight.

    One aspect that does factor is morale; players with low morale will not perform well; they will often be resigned to their fate and just keep on losing unless a leader changes their tactics. Players with low morale will also quit hours earlier than those on a winning streak.
    The guides are intended for outfits and clans that play together regularly who can become familiar with the techniques and adapt to be more useful to their squad mates.

    This site is broken up into different aspects as you can see in the side bar. These sections provide tactics for particular roles and situations, and most teams should find the majority of them useful in some degree.

    Strategy is buying a bottle of fine wine when you take a lady out for dinner. Tactics is getting her to drink it.
    - Frank Muir, Writer

    Who am I
    I game using the handle DviddLeff or Vindicore, although everyone just calls me Dave. In late 2002 I founded The Vindicators outfit in preparation for Planetside and started recruiting people from the official forums as all I saw was an abundance of specialised outfits most dedicated to being pure cloakers or snipers (or both); something I saw as being near useless with the grand battles PS promised.

    We quickly gained members as the months leading up to beta ticked away, ending up with about 120. Most of these members are no longer with the outfit, but a few remain 9 years on. During this time I turned down multiple requests from different outfits for us to join them in both mergers and alliances.

    When beta started we recruited a lot of people, finding among them great leaders who have stuck with us and led chapters for the community in other games. I will always remember the first time I met up with my outfit. This was in the time before broadcast warp gates so I had to hoof it through the entire of Esamir to even reach the warp gate of the target continent. Before I even reached Jarl I heard the whine of aircraft engines; my outfit had come to pick me up with a Galaxy complete with a fighter escort.

    We ended beta high up the rankings for the VS, number 3 if I remember correctly.

    With the games launch we grew and grew, both in numbers and as friends. At times over the years we had full platoons working together, with separate armour, air and infantry squads coordinating some pretty impressive feats. In particular I remember a 5 hour defence of Tore, Cyssor and a time when we turned the tide of a battle that had been raging for three whole days around a single base.

    We were a member of the Vanu Round Table Alliance of Emerald, which organised large raids for over a year until various outfits left the game.

    We stuck with the game until the outfit wars; we had 45 Vindicators turn up for the first fight, but within a few months of them ending the outfit was all but dead; poor GM decisions during 2 of our 6 matches had ripped the heart out of our Planetside chapter, combined with the lack of game updates and the newly released BF2142 meant that many of us moved on.

    Over the years we have had successful MMO chapters in World of Warcraft, Voyage Century Online and Guild Wars, as well as a few ultimately failed attempts in games such as Age of Conan, Rift and Darkfall. Planetside has always been the game that we started in and Planetside 2 has seen us return in style.

    So far we have surpassed my expectations, recruiting hundreds of great new players and drawing back many old Vindicators into the game. We have some fantastic leaders taking charge and we will continue to grow and improve as the game matures.


    Official Planetside Website

    Planetside Syndicate
    This website has a great Planetside wiki.

    Planetside Universe
    This website has some great forums.

    The Vindicators
    My outfit that I set up before beta for Planetside and is still going strong.

    Planetside Upgrade Project
    My other PS website in which I detailled my ideas for the games improvement to make it into PS2 and am updating with ideas for the current game.

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