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Command Overhaul

Mar 10, 2014
Command Overhaul
  • Command Overhaul
    Command is of massive importance to guiding players and PS2 has some great features that allow you to do this. In many ways it is better than the original game, but there are some areas where it is lacking that if improved would allow players to lead both on a tactical and strategic level.

    Command is currently broken down into squad and platoon leaders. Squad and platoon leaders currently have identical abilities if the squad leader is also a platoon leader, however the platoon leader has an additional way point and that is all, and in fact loses abilities if they are not leading a squad.

    I would like to see clear differences between three separate layers of commanders:
    1. Squad leader - in charge of the squad, accepts missions set by platoon/company leaders. Directs his troops in combat from fight to fight.
    2. Platoon leader - coordinates his squad leaders setting them missions and also accepts strategic level missions from company leaders.
    3. Company leader - sets strategic level missions for platoons on a continent.
    Note the company leader is a new role, one which is vital for empires to organise themselves on a continent where the current command system is lacking. It is very difficult to coordinate large scale operations with multiple platoons - a problem highlighted by the alert events which galvanise the empires into attempting higher level coordination.