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Planetside 2 application from Swh

Discussion in 'Recruitment and Introductions' started by shadowwarhawk, Jun 13, 2017.

  1. shadowwarhawk

    shadowwarhawk New Member

    Jun 13, 2017
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    What is your Ingame Name Swh

    Real name: (Your last name is not required) Alex but I go by "Shadow" even to those who know my real name

    Age: 22

    World location USA, East Coast

    Game you are applying for Planetside 2

    Relevant gaming experience

    I have a mass of MMO game experience, Ran a multitude of guilds on some of those games while it was mostly casual I did have comp in certain ones. My FPS experience ranges from halo to CoD, OW, Defiance and the like.

    Why you want to be a Vindicator

    Just looking for a good squad to roll with. A good communicative squad that I can see some quality teamwork (and participate in of course) with some vets to keep me on the right track to prevent wasting my time would be helpful.

    In game rank/level (if applicable) 12

    What roles do you prefer

    Infiltrator/scouting or long range sniping.

    How did you find out about us

    Browsing through the Outfit list with competitive as my only requirement.

    Anything more you would like to tell us

    I'm good at following orders and can get along well with most anyone given that I will actively avoid conflict but I am not shy to speak my mind if asked or in a situation I just wholeheartedly dislike. I am partially colorblind so that is a minor issue as I am still trying to get settings done where I am not having a minor mishap of shooting an allied vehicle here and there.
  2. Sean_353

    Sean_353 Vindicator Member

    Jun 28, 2015
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