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To maintain the standards we expect, we have a number of policies and strategies that we use to help our officers manage our members in all of the games that we play.
Age Restrictions:
The Vindicators are a mature community, because of this we only accept new members that are 13 years of age or above, who display a maturity level of 16 years or older. Exceptions are solely at the discretion of officers on a case by case basis. No exceptions can be made for applicants under the age of 13.
Act maturely:
We expect all members to be able to take criticism, be able to forgive others, and know when to stop discussing a topic if the topic is getting heated. If someone does not wish to continue a conversation, the conversation is over immediately. If a discussion gets heated with another specific member, we expect you to be able to handle the issue with maturity and tact. Leadership is available to consult after this point.
The Vindicators do not allow discrimination of any kind to anyone inside or outside of the community. We take pride in creating a positive gaming environment for everyone.
Professional Image:
Every member’s actions reflect on The Vindicators image. We are seen as a positive light in the community and intend to continue to be. No inflammatory comments, griefing, teamkilling, or any sort of discrimination to anyone both inside and outside of our community.


Three Strikes: If these rules are not met, you can expect to be dealt with using a three strike method:
1) Initially told of the rule you have broken.
2)Warned that if you continue to break the rule you will be asked to leave.
3)Finally removed from the community.If your rule breaking is particularly severe it may warrant your immediate removal.

Member Expectations:

Play with the community: You are expected to play with the community regularly, but are not required to play with the community at all times.

Use voice communication: Being on voice communication regularly is strongly encouraged. Microphones are strongly encouraged, but are only required for leadership.

Teamwork: The Vindicators community expects teamwork in all of its game chapters. We expect grouping and helping other members at most if not all times. We strive for growth as a group rather than personal goals.

Follow Chapter specific rules: Each game chapter will contain a sticky in our forums at the top that outlines any additional rules for that specific game.

No Cheating or Exploiting: Verified Cheating or Exploiting is grounds for immediate expulsion from the Vindicator community and the offending player will be banned for life from all Vindicator servers and chapters. The Leadership will report the offending player directly to the GMs, or Developers, of the game in which the violation took place. The Vindicators prohibit discussion of cheating or exploiting in any form.

Promotions & Hierarchy:

All members start at the same level (typically called Acolyte), the only other member rank is a Veteran (typically called Chaplain) which is only for members that have actively participated, voice opinions, and become family by staying with the outfit for 3 years

Beyond veterancy, the only other promotions are for leadership positions, they are awarded on a merit and case by case basis via recommendations. If you are interested in leadership simply show current leadership you are willing to take up the call and start leading, ask questions, and participate in our forums. All chapter leaders and officers must have a functional microphone.

Officer Responsibilities:

In order to be promoted at any level, you must first be recommended by someone currently in leadership. Depending on the rank, a small quick conference or several rounds of discussions will take place within leadership to determine everyone's opinion. We lead by consensus with no one person having final say.

Leadership is consistently looking for people to promote. The simple fact is that the more people we have in leadership, the easier it becomes as the coverage becomes more consistent. This is tempered by the need to not be top heavy. This being said, there are few attributes outside of the game that will help you stand out and be noticed.

1. Maturity. Leaders should be mature enough to handle any situation with calm and respect. You should able disengage your own persona from the situation and seek resolutions based on the the Vindicators rules and mutual respect. You are expected to maintain the standards of the the Vindicators as a role model to all members.

2. Attitude. Leaders should display a positive and constructive presence within every game the Vindicators play. As a leader your goal should to ensure that the members you are leading have a positive play environment and quality game experience.

3. Openness. Leaders should be open to ideas of other members and give them honest and deserved consideration. Leaders should encourage new ideas and promote the testing of novel strategies and ideas.

4. Criticism. Leaders are extremely honest about their own shortcomings and seek out feedback from other leaders and the members. Leaders must be able to disengage their own ego and resolve criticism of their ideas and work with decorum and openness. We, the leadership, are extremely honest when it comes to our and others ideas.

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