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I am in the process of working on a clean install of the forums. A few of the old mods have left some backend issues that I would like to correct.

So I am working on a fresh install as we speak and hope to move over all that I can. Kurzgan will likely be 'deleted' again :) but other than that things should be smooth once its ready.
Late last night Dave's brain exploded with the massive announcement regarding Planetside 2. Fortunately there where medics on hand as authorities where alerted prior to the event as a precaution. We should hear from him as soon as he recovers and is able to form coherent sentences again.

Thank you for your concern
Operation Blowie Uppie part one is complete.
As there has not been a post in this section since 2008 8987((
I decied to post here was an event in of itself :D
I have now added forum sections under MMO's for Star Trek Online and Global Agenda


I have also retired the Champions forums.

If a game becomes popular enough it will be given its own section on the forum home (like Voyage Century).
I have upgraded the forum to VBulletin 4. Over the next few days I will be updating the style/etc to be compatible so please be patient.

If anyone would like to submit a new logo for the website please let me know.
Check your email if you have subscribed to the Vindicators origin game Planetside then you may have a survey in your inbox asking you what aspects of the game you wish to see improved upon in the next version of the game.

This follows John Smedley's twitter post regarding "Planetside next" and "you will like" a couple of weeks back.

It looks like the Vindicators may have what they have been wishing for the past few years since we left Planetside, all we have to do is wait a few more years!
Eve and WW2 Online have both been archived.

Darkfall has been moved to Other MMO's