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Only a few hours to go before head start begins. Server is Naima Side is West.
Here is a short video with just a few of the features that sets ArcheAge apart from other MMO's.
I would like to announce a New Vindicator Chapter. We have had a great interest from the community over this game and I have decided it would be wise to make an official chapter for us to work together in. You can head on over to the new forums section here! I will look forward to seeing new faces take part.

If you have not heard of ArcheAge I suggest looking up on the game as it is pretty damn awesome.
Hey Guildies,
Your friendly GM in World of Warcraft is looking to get the guild back together for the upcoming Xpac. The horn is calling us to Carve a Path Through History. Lets mount a desperate charge on Draenor – savage home of orcs and adopted bastion of stoic Draenei. It is our destiny!
Lok'Tar Ogar! - Victory or Death!

Thanks Pormixius

"Come Back to Planetside 2" for one night (or more if you like) on 7/29.

Lets sport 2+ platoons of Vindicators and check out all the new recently updated content
Following a few occasions where all 100 slots have filled up over the past few weeks, we have upgraded the server to allow 150 people simultaneously. This is all down to generous donations by our members and if you feel like contributing just hit the link on the front page.

By making this upgrade we can continue to grow all of our game chapters.
The Vindicators Supply Drop
2014: Extra Life Marathon​

What: The Vindicators Supply Drop - “Extra Life” 24 Hour Gaming Marathon for Charity

“Extra Life” is a 24 hour gaming marathon for any and all games, Video games, Card Games, Trivia games. LAN parties and broadcasted on Twitch for the world to watch and get involved. We have been a large and great community for 12+ years. Now that we are all on sturdy ground, lets give back to the community. The first supply drop being planned will be giving money to a deserving childrens hospital (Barbara Bush Children's Hospital).

Where: Streaming on Twitch.tv, Teamspeak, and “Headquarters” LAN party (all seats full) in Portland, ME

When: Saturday October 25th 9:00am - October 26th 9:00am EST

Who: Any Vindicator member willing to:
  • Run the marathon
  • Stream on twitch
  • Hang out in fellow twitch streamers channels
  • Or most importantly: Gather donations from Non-Vindicators or donate themselves!
Want to Join our group and do the marathon? Click Here --->https://www.extra-life.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=register.start&eventID=520&teamID=14857

Want to Donate? Click Here --->http://www.extra-life.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=donorDrive.search&filter=team&eventID=520&searchTerm=The Vindicators Supply Drop

Donation Details: Our hospital we are donating to is my local one I work for: The Barbara Bush Children's Hospital in Portland ME. Last year we got close to $1000 in donations between co-workers, friends and family and now we want to...
Here's this months ultra drop! Check out the schedule here.

Fellow Vindicators! We will be playing on WIDOW!

We have planned on a PvP server from the beginning. We want to encourage team work and give each member the chance to play this game anyway they want. Among a lot of other reasons we felt that if we didn't choose a PvP server we would take away a part of the game that we couldn't give back.

As for this specific one?! We feel that due to its name more people are going to pick it and we will have more people to recruit.

And we like spiders.

And Spiderman.

See you on Nexus Cupcakes!