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New server with better DDoS protection apparently.
Patch today and Season 5 comes up on 1/15/2016 and I know a bunch of people are excited.

Season 4 was a huge turnout with 10+ VIndicators logging on every night around 9pm EST to group up and play. We got to the point where all our players plateaued at the endgame, but we all continued to play for another month just to hang out and chat.

This is what I love about multiplayer games, the ability to just chill out with friends, smash stuff, and have fun on a nightly basis.

Come join us on teamspeak, or not
Hey Everyone,

I'm not going to bore you to death since i know i've talked most of your ears off about my time in SWG.
Still to this day no other game has captured me the way this has, and caused so many sleepless nights.

Therefore, why not keep playing it? You probably know theres been an emulation effort going on to recreate the exact game at publish 14.1, which was great - but still had its flaws. That and development there is taking its sweet time. (www.swgemu.com).

However, they've built a really good solid base, and are now cranking on some of the more detailed features. The game is fully playable on their play server, and is great.

They've open sourced this code, and as you'd expect, tons of private servers and communities have arisen.
This is awesome. They each have their own nuances and features, but i finally found one i love. There is a perma-death jedi and awesome bounty hunting system (so the uber jedi class has population control), changed buff system (so it doesnt take you two hours to gear up for a fight any more), and various other small combat changes. Otherwise its the game I knew and loved.

I am embarassed to tell you how much time i've spent in the game recently, and have been loving this server. If any of you want to join me, please let me know. Now that SOE no longer exists, SWG is classified as abandonware, so you can download it, patch with their patchers, and jump right in.

Features of this server (Restoration):
- Perma-death jedi "lives" system
- Enhanced group combat and bigger bosses
- Changed weapon/armor system, making all types viable
- Limited to 4 characters per account, one of them being your perma-death jedi.

Hit me up here or on my phone if you're interested. Graf is already over there with me, and we wanna start a guild and city.

13 years ago I set up a geocities website and started pulling in members ready for Planetside's release.

It's been a long time, but we're still going strong.

Nice work all!
Did a major backend update. One of the newest things available to you is Two Step Verification of your account.

Along with this, the logo has been updated along wtih some of the background. This may change but it does help freshen up the look.

I have a few more things that will be added as well such as a 'Current Games' list (Suggested by Slo)