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To all Vindicators, it's time to gather around a line of magriders, thrust your Lashers in the air and scream "VINDY'S FOREVER!"

Okay that's it for the drama. I know alot of old timers out there miss PS because me and GSKSP have been talking to quite a few of you and I promised to make a post to try and get everyone together for a month (or maybe more) and have some fun. If anyone thinks Planetside is dead, I can assure you it isn't. During prime time hours on Emerald there is at least one big battle (often 2 or 3) every night. Our goal is to have a column of magriders rolling, Galaxy drops on enemy bases, and perhaps some special ops missions. But we need the peeps to do it.

To any Vindicators who have not played Planetside before, I encourage you to give it a try. You can download it at Direct2Drive.com for $19.95 and that includes the first months subscription. If you like shooter games, trust me you won't be disappointed. Planetside is a massively multiplayer first person shooter. There are no 32 or 64 man servers. A locked continent has about 400 people battling it out. You have the choice of being in a big battle with a platoon of up to 30 people, you can play solo, you can go off and do spec. ops. missions that can help turn the tide of a battle on the other end of the continent you are on.

Anyone willing to commit please post below.
Let's try to meet every Saturday evening, have some practice working together. :)

If you can't make it, please let us know what times are usually best for you.
Well After being very sneaky and getting a Bid on Oslo, The Revenants were a no show for the siege war. They failed to place the Depot Ship before the war time.

Thanks to everyone who came out. Maybe next time we can actually get a fight.
We're replacing the current header for the website with a new design, and we want to see what our members can come up with!

The logo must be of similar size to the current one, if not with less height to make it fit better.

The logo must contain the following information:

"The Vindicators Gaming Community"

The banner should also contain the outfit logo, which you can see here:


However you can have just a section of the logo, not all of it has to fit into the banner, similar to my signiture.

One further constraint is that the banner should not favour any one game or genre.

We'll run this competition for 2 weeks, then decide on the winner via a vote.

Best of luck!
For those who still wish to make direction donations there is now a place for you to do so. You can either select the donate link at the top of the forums or there is a donate in the lower left of the frontpage.
WoW Vindicators Users where added to Community.

Please go to http://www.thevindicators.com/forum/profile.php?do=editusergroups and request to join WoW Chapter

You may request Vindicator Membership as well
WoW vindicators news feed is active!
Congrats Vindicators. We have completed Gruul's Lair and killed Gruul the Dragonkiller. Thanks to all those who put in the extra effort for consumables and mats to make this and other attempts while learning possible.

P.S. This was our first REAL attempt ;)

You can comment on the post over at WoW Vindicators Site.
Nethawk as ordered us a Battlfield 2142 Server.

Details are as follows.

IP =
Ranked Server.
Public of course.

Have a couple titan maps in the rotation, but it's about 5 or 6 maps with mainly conq. I'd love to have northern strike maps but I also want to have maximum crowd draw on the server.
My best friend and his brother, Darkhand and Chaosult, will have admin access on there. If they give you any problems, I'll handle it.

If you need admin access, let me know and you shall recieve.

Questions/comments/obscenities, just PM and let me know.

BF2142 on our server once a week for a month. If there is further interest we will see what we can do.