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Time to reheat your leftovers with the Pyro and serve it up with a nice light lead salad from the Heavy! Proper attire(or spy costume) required :)
Time for a little woopass after the Thanksgiving leftovers! Work out your mousing hand after that day of binge eating, or for you foreigners, wash down our Thanksgiving meal with some tank rounds ;)
Med420 is warring Titans to make them pay for bidding there city every week, All BBS guilds at our Weekly Meeting Pledge Support for this War. Please have your fleets ready and Mobilized War time is 8 PM EST or 3 Hours after Dbl XP refresh time.

Standard Alliance War proceedures are in effect please have your Level 10 Ships or Dragon Warriors Join First and Hold all others for 10 mins after join time. Once all Level 10's are in the remaining Spots can be filled with the remainder of your fleets.

See you all there and Good Luck

Long Live The BBS!
New vent requires users to be registered we have not restricted guests at all but they maybe in the future. Please read the MOTD message when you login for information on how to contact an admin to register you.

There has been a few asking why register ? Well there has been problems with members getting around banns and causing problems on Vent for others with this new register system if we have anyone causing problems we can deal with them quickly and remove that person for good.

It is a public vent and anyone is welcome but whenever we have problems or trouble makers we can easy restrict guests from causing problems this is why we would like all members registered. It does not take 10 seconds for an admin to Auth you and like I said if you need an admin follow the MOTD Messages :)

Thanks all hope this does not cause too many problems.

This announcement is being made to inform you that we will be conducting server upgrades on our Ventrilo servers during the following date/time: November 14th, 2007 – between 00:01 and 02:00 CDT

Please note that the client software will not be available until that time as well. We plan on performing our upgrades as soon as the software is released

You will be able to get the clients here:

A list of new features are included here:

Ye be Warned!
I will be bringing the site offline for about 30 minutes later this evening to upgrade the forums.
Malacca 1 hr Before DBL XP Time
This is the evening/night where we'll be gathering together and deciding on a course of action for our EVE group. If anyone is at all interested in playing with us, come in and voice your opinion! We'll gang up later and mine/hunt rats/whatever afterwards. :)
For those of you who have not kept up with the forums, many of us have resubscribed to Planetside. We had over a full squad during prime hours last night.

Taking this a bit more relaxed but still having alot of fun when we get a good fight going.
After grinding Industry points for 28 Hours it was finally war time.

The battle was joined and 4 allies members joined our Defense.

We were out numbered atleast 3 to 1 and lost the sea battle portion of the war, The Land Battle is were we turned it all around, The enemy was defeated soundly and The Vindicators stood Victorious.

Grats all for the hard work in the prep and for the hard fought but successful defense of our Guild.